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Kick off summer in Seattle with a BANG! The Fremont Fair is taking over 6 city blocks of the *ICONIC* Fremont Neighborhood during Solstice Weekend and ushering in summer with 2 stages of live music, 300+ craft vendors, beer gardens, art cars, one-of-a-kind Parades, delicious fair foods and so much more! Find your way to the Center of the Universe!

The Fremont Fair benefits the Fremont Chamber of Commerce, a non-profit organization that supports Shop Local, is responsible for procuring and maintaining most of the amazing public art on display throughout the Fremont neighborhood, and celebrates individual talents and creativity to further develop the community, promote business, and education opportunities in Fremont.

We know you still have questions…

Saturday June 22 & Sunday June 23, 2024 to coincide with the Summer Solstice

Saturday, June 22: 10am-8pm

Sunday, June 23: 11am-6pm

Saturday, June 22, 2024 at 2pm

The Fremont Fair is located in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood. Activities primarily take place west of Fremont Ave N on N 35th St. and N 34th St. The Fremont Solstice Parade that happens in conjunction with the Fair, begins at the intersection of N. 36th St. and Leary Way, and winds through downtown Fremont, ending at Gasworks Park.

If traveling from afar; Fremont is a neighborhood within Seattle, located directly north of downtown. Sea-Tac is the nearest airport. For those in the area, we suggest public transport, walking, bicycling or car service (Lyft, Uber, ect.) as the most convenient mode of transportation to access the Fremont Fair.

Parking is very limited in Fremont and there is no official parking area. We strongly suggest Bus (Direct Routes to Fremont are 62, 40, 26, 28, 30, and 31) or Bike (Fremont is located on the Burke Gilman Trail). If you must drive, please be courteous of Fremont residents, and do not park in front of driveways, fire hydrants or crosswalks. Park enforcement is on full patrol during Solstice and will readily ticket and tow vehicles.

It’s free! But we recommend bringing cash to shop the nearly 300 craft & food vendors and to grab a beer in our two large beer gardens while enjoying local music.

The Washington State Liquor Control Board requires everyone entering the Beer Garden to present valid ID. Valid ID in Washington is: a driver’s license with a photo from any state, a current passport, a DMV identification card*, and a military card*. (*These must have a picture of the person, the person’s name, address, date of birth, a physical description, and the signature of the person.)

 The Festival has a strict alcohol policy that is designed to protect the guests and the public from alcohol related incidents. All festival guests are expected to maintain responsible and appropriate behavior at all times. Any behavior defying the guest conduct policy as determined by event management can result in ejection and possible arrest.

Event management has the right to refuse entry to any guest deemed intoxicated upon arrival to the Festival. Additionally, the festival has the right to remove any guest from the premises who is intoxicated or causing a disturbance or is potentially dangerous to himself/herself or other guests. If guests appear intoxicated their alcohol will be confiscated. Ejected guests will not be compensated in any way.

Inappropriate behavior includes, but is not limited to: drunk and disorderly conduct; fighting or challenging others to fight; bringing weapons of any kind in to the festival; interference with the event or participants of the event in any way; throwing, tossing, or discharging any object; standing on chairs and seats; taunting or using offensive language; disturbing other guests enjoyment of the event; failure to comply with festival personnel; violating festival rules, regulations, and policies; violating any local, state, or federal laws; alcohol brought from outside the festival; attempting to enter the festival with a fraudulent ID. The festival reserves the right to deny entry or eject from the facility guests displaying inappropriate behavior, as determined by event management. Please know your limit and have a safe experience. Be respectful, drink responsibly, and call a cab.

What is there NOT to do? See a real Soviet-era rocket, say “hi” to our famous under-the-bridge troll, or take a picture under the giant Lenin statue (thats Vladimir, not John). The eclectic Fremont neighborhood is bustling year-round, and while many businesses will be busy during the Fair, we welcome you to visit the neighborhood at any time. It is truly a one of a kind experience! More information can be found at www.fremont.com.

Portable restrooms are conveniently located throughout the festival at: N 34th St & Phinney Ave N, 1st Ave NW & N 35th St, N 35th St., and Evanston Ave N. Please do not use retail or restaurant restrooms unless you are a paying customer, the crowds are just too large to accomodate this.

Anything goes! The Fair is a celebration of the Fremont community, which is know for its free spirit and eclectic nature! Many guests dress up in whimsical costumes, fairy wings, body paint, and artistic get-ups, while others simply wear casual everyday clothes. You make the call.

We won’t deny it, the Fremont Fair and Fremont Solstice Parade are partially famous for body-painted bicyclists and revelers. If you are one of the body painted participants please note: The Fremont restaurants and bars greatly appreciate if you can carry a towel with you to place on the chair/booth you dine and drink in. If you don’t, they are left scrubbing for weeks to come, which is a mess and can permanently damage decor. They love to have you in their establishments, but please be respectful of their furnishings. Also, remember that many families with small children attend the fair. Please be considerate of children’s eye level. Plus, if you are not on a bike you should cover it up.

The Fremont Fair welcomes family members of all ages! In fact, there are special activities just for kids and families. However, Solstice-goers should be aware this is a very eclectic and free-spirited event. Some Solstice guests appear in full or partial body paint, and a variety of other colorful costumes (this is typically limited to Saturday’s festivities.)

Lost & Found is at the Merchandise Booth at Phinney Ave N & N 34th St. After the event, email information@boldhatproductions.com to inquire about lost items. All found items not claimed within 2 weeks are donated to Goodwill.

The first aid station is at Phinney Ave N and N 35th St. It is equipped to treat minor injuries

Of course! Look for a red tent and a big ATM banners. The ATM’S are located at: N 34th St between Evanston Ave N and Phinney Ave N, N 34th St & Phinney Ave N, N 35th St by the Main Stage, N 35th St & Phinney Ave N, N 34th St & Evanston

Yes. Please note that on Saturday after the Parade the Fremont Fair is brimming with excited fair-goers. Please make sure your dogs are well mannered and on a leash. It may be best to carry small dogs in the crowds. Don’t forget! On Sunday at 2:30 pm, your pooch can strut his stuff in the annual Dog Parade!

Maps and programs are being handed out at the Merchandise Booth (Phinney Ave N & N 34th St), as well as being passed around by a variety of volunteers.

Yes! We love buskers and the energy/creativity they bring to the Fremont Fair. General rules for busking include: Be fun & festive, but not too loud, please be aware of the vendors and activities around you, We want you to enjoy and see the Fair yourselves, so we ask buskers to rotate to a new location about every 45 minutes, be respectful of other buskers, if you have been playing  while and see others waiting for a location please allow them a chance to busk, do not set up next to someone who is already playing, and if there is a conflict, go get an event staff person to help resolve the issue.

Yes! At the Merchandise Booth at Phinney Ave N & N 34th St.