This itinerary is for you Fremont Fair veterans. You’ve been to the Fair a couple times, so this ain’t your first rodeo!

Fremonsters Itinerary – Saturday, June 16
Saturday at the Fremont Fair is when all the Fremonsters come out to play. It’s the longest day of the year and there’s lots of things to do. Head to Fremont early for a bite to eat. Wash down the good eats with an ice cold Corona Light and some tunes from Adam Williams Band. Next up, catch some bicycles passing by. You won’t be worried about a watching spot – you secured that this morning :). After some whimsical sightseeing, head back into the fair to peruse 300+ craft vendors. Don’t forget to stop by the Art Cars. We suggest finding a pineapple for a primo selfie (or us-ie)! Dinner is best found wandering around the Fair, scoping out the options. End the night groovin’! Head to the Corona Light Main Stage forEldridge Gravy & The Court Supreme, with a quick dance break with DJ Indica Jones at Club Sunshine on the Casa Noble Center Stage, and back to the Main Stage for PoleCat. We’re using up all the extra daylight to celebrate Solstice!

Your Saturday Schedule:
8:00 AM: Wake up early to get a viewing spot & head back to bed for a bit 🙂
11:00 AM: Lunch + Good Tunes at the Corona Light Main Stage
12:00 PM: Head to your already secured viewing spot
2:30 PM: Art Cars
3:30 PM: Mosey through the Fair! 
4:30 PM: Selfie with a pineapple
4:45 PM: Back to wandering!
5:30 PM: Find dinner
6:00 PM: Eldridge Gravy & The Court Supreme on the Corona Light Main Stage
6:30 PM: Dance with DJ Indica Jones at Club Sunshine on the Casa Noble Center Stage
7:00 PM: Back to the Corona Light Main Stage for PoleCat!