Continuing our Vendor Spotlight series we started last week, here are a few artists to take note of as you wander the fair in hopes of finding that perfect piece:

Owner Name: Mary Atwood
The Basics: Whimsical illustrations for curious souls
Why We’re Excited: Seattle-Local Mary Atwood creates whimsical drawings inspired by fairy tales and European folk patterns to spark imagination. Fun, colorful, sweet.


Stasia Burrington Illustration
Owner Name: Stasia Burrington
The Basics: Cute and pretty Japanese American Illustration
Website | Facebook | Instagram
Why We’re Excited: Washington-Local, Japanese-American illustrations.

Tim Wistrom Fine Art Paintings
Owner Name: Tim Wistrom
The Basics: Original surrealistic paintings
Website | Facebook | Instagram
Why We’re Excited: Large, surreal, paintings by Local-Seattle artist. Known for painting iconic Seattle locations underwater in a beautiful, post-apocalyptic world.


Link Fine Art 
Owner Name: Jesse Link
The Basics: A locally based fine artist
Website | Facebook | Instagram
Why We’re Excited: Animal portraits in an urban vs wild world. Animal’s sing their thoughts through music notes and sport mini crowns.