Here are a few vendors to take note of as you accessorize at the Fremont Fair:

Parallel Jewelry
Owner Name: Jeni Falldine
The Basics: Geometric and earthy metal artisan jewelry
Website | FacebookInstagram
Why We’re Excited: Seattle Artist Jeni Falldine draws inspiration from the earth. Combining natural curves, asymmetric and geometric shapes, and rocks and crystals – her jewelry is truly unique.

Claire Green Jewelry
Owner Name: Claire Green
The Basics: Handcrafted Jewelry from Portland, OR
Website | Facebook | Instagram
Why We’re Excited: Portland OR artist who loves to transform 2-d metals into 3-d forms. She uses etching, forging, and casting to create each individual piece.

Owner Name: Han-Yin Hsu
The Basics: 3D printed and fine jewelry
Website | Facebook | Instagram
Why We’re Excited: Taiwanese artist Han-Yin Hsu, now based in Seattle, creates 3D printed metal and plastic jewelry. Her pieces embody “tender strength” and she uses her background in architecture to transform her ideas into tactile shapes.